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Choices Stories You Play – Useful Tips & Tricks

Choices Stories You Play

With over 5 million downloads on Google Play, Choices Stories you Play, is quite a popular game. People love the plot twists, the stories, and the fact that they can follow their own path in the game. You can choose which character to be, what story to follow, and what lead in the story is most exciting!

However, with all this excitement, you may forget (at least at first) that this is actually a freemium game. This means that you’ll have the chance to buy various items or solutions in the game’s store for real money, not just Choices Stories You Play unlimited keys and diamonds. Even more, if you don’t want to spend real money on the game, you’ll find it a bit difficult since many items are quite expensive (in terms of diamonds).

So, to make your movement through the game a little bit smoother, we out together a helpful list of tips and tricks that may come in handy at a certain point.

4 Useful Tips & Tricks to Keep Close

These tips are mostly designed to help beginners that might feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the game, but experienced players can also use it. After all, who knows? Maybe we know something you don’t!

Tip #1: Learn how to earn your diamonds

The main currency of the game is diamonds but there are also keys (which we’ll discuss a bit later). So, in order to move through the chapters, you need to spend Choices Stories You Play unlimited keys and diamonds. However, in order to do so, you will have to earn them first.

To earn diamonds, you need to complete a chapter (you get a bunch at the end of each chapter). So, the best way to increase your fortune is to play and read as much as possible.

Tip #2: Become the key master

As mentioned above Choices Stories You Play unlimited keys and diamonds are important for your progress in the game. Now, we explained diamonds so let’ see what’s the fuss with the keys. These are used whenever you want to start a new chapter. To unlock it, you will need to give away a key. While it may seem simple enough, you’ll eventually run out.

Now, as soon as your key counter is below two, a timer will start and the next key will be delivered in three hours. If this seems too long, you can always take advantage of the reward system, but you might not always get a key.

Tip #3: No replays

Choices Stories You Play doesn’t allow you to replay chapters. So, if you think you did poorly or you simply liked the chapter too much, your only option is to restart the story from the beginning. Just make sure that’s what you really want to do since it will erase your progress and you won’t be able to pick up where you left it. To restart a story, simply hit the Restart button (a round item with an arrow inside).

Tip #4: Moving between stories

The cool part about this game is that you can move between stories easily. This also means you can read and play the stories in any order you want, without being influenced by the progress you’ve made. To switch between stories, you just have to tap on the Home button. Once you reach the Home page, you’ll be able to select another story to explore.

Badland: The most praised side-scroller game ever

Badland is a game that will keep you on your feet and toes at all times! At the base it is a side-scroller (like Flappy Birds or Mario) but, at the core, it is filled with action and adventure. The game was released in 2013 and since then, it gathered over 40 million fans from all over the world. Even more, it can be played on a wide range of platforms like PS 3, 4, and Vita, Xbox One, Wii, PC and OS X, and finally the most popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows.


Right now, the game has over 10 million downloads on Android and a general score of 4.5. It is also a freemium version so absolutely anyone with a modern mobile device can play it.

The gameplay

Just like with Flappy Birds, your main purpose is to fly around a small, dark creature that resembles a fluffy bat. You will definitely fall in love with Clony (the creature’s name) as soon as you meet him (or her)!

Badland is divided by days (Day1, Day 2, Day 3, and more). You begin with Day 1 (logically) and, you will see that the day has 4 stages: dawn, noon, dusk, and night. As the day moves through these stages, you will see the things showing up in the background evolving into a wide variety of enemies that you have to dismantle or defeat using Clony’s amazing abilities.

As the game unfolds, the background becomes scarier and other types of machines show up in the forest that at first seemed innocent and magic. In the end, you will have to save a rabbit that was hanged by one of his legs.

The features we like

Badland is a game that mixes cute, fluffy creatures with the terrible challenges of an infested forest. Your cute fluffy bat will have to fend off creatures that seem similar to the ones you see in alien movies and you will have to be its main guidance in this dark, cold world.

Another cool feature is the local multiplayer mode that allows up to 4 players on the same device. The cool part is that you are allowed to apply the jungle rule: survival of the fittest. This way you can reveal your dark side and push your enemies in front of a moving, sharp blade. Of course, if you’re the pacifist kind, you can always cooperate with the other 3 players and beat the game with friendship.

Scatter Slots Cheats: Shortcuts to Enjoy the Game Even More

If you like machine slot casino games, Scatter Slots is worthy of your attention. After all, this unique game is more than just spinning the wheel and praying for luck. It’s a wonderful blend of casino feel and RPG games with whimsical characters and extremely good music. If you take a short look in the reviews section, you’ll see people who appreciate everything there is about the game.

However, there are some that consider certain steps too challenging. Since this is a freemium game, you can always use real money to get yourself out of a bad round but this is not an option for everyone. So, if you’re looking for some sorts of Scatter Slots Cheats to get you out of difficult sports, you’ve reached the right page.

scatter slots cheats

Scatter Slots Cheats – Finding the Easy Way Out

Below you’ll find a list of cheats that will help you earn more free coins and gems which will always be of help in the greatest need.

#1: Scatter Slots should be your hourly activity

If you’re serious about ranking up in the game, then you will play at least several times a day. If you do, make sure to play Scatter Slots each time you find it available. Actually, the game is named after this bonus round (Scatter Slots) as it offers an easy way to earn free coins, gems, and other valuable items.

Scatter Slots is quite simple as you can spin, at your own speed, for 30 seconds. To win, you will have to match gems in the 16 available spaces on the board. But be warned: each gem is different and you will have to work for each. Everything you earn here is yours so you don’t have to worry about fronting the amount that usually represents the fee for playing.

#2: Be a VIP

You will have to pay for this ($2.99) but, for 30 days, you will get 1 upgrade point. While it may not sound like too much of a cheat, the VIP mode is quite advantageous and you should consider it if you want to move faster up the ladder.

Also, you can earn VIP days if you are patient and tackle all the available seasonal bonuses.

#3: Stay away from low-paying gems

The list of Scatter Slots Cheats moves on with this valuable piece of advice. Don’t waste your upgrading points for low paying gems – regardless of their level they are still pretty low in power compared to high paying ones. So, it’s best to be patient and collect enough bonuses and when the right gem comes along, to snatch it.

#4: Make sure to invite friends

Any game is more fun with friends and Scatter Slots is no exception. You can invite your friends via social media or challenge the ones that are already active in the game. Of course, for any new friend that joins that game, you will both get generous compensations.

To challenge another player, you have to go pass Mission 45 – only after this level you’ll have access to Battle Mode. While this is a new feature, it is quite an interesting one as you can challenge an opponent and, if victorious, win a Prize Cup. These are valuable and you should try to get as many as possible.

Roblox: The Game Where Imagination Is Your Main Asset

Have you ever wished to play a game where the rules were designed by you and the landscape was created according to your own imagination? Today’s games are so rigid when it comes to rules and design that a game like Roblox became popular almost instantly. Why is that? Well, Roblox is actually a user-generated gaming community where each user can create their own virtual reality and invite friends and other users to explore it. This way, by joining the game, you actually get to play thousands of games, each one more creative than the other.

Roblox is actually an MMO game available online (in the browser) or for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. You can also play it on Xbox One or VR stations since the game doesn’t require any special software to run.

Since it was released (in 2004), the Roblox community reached over 700,000 users (or game creators) who are producing each day new content. Of course, every gaming experience is different, but from the moment you join, you’ll see that this is a completely new gaming platform with a new set of rules and designs.


The gameplay

As a Roblox player, you can either build a whole new virtual world with new and interesting games, or simply visit the worlds your friends and other users created. Of course, you can do both, but the most fun is building and creating.

The Roblox world is in 3D and you have the fantastic chance to explore different scenarios and worlds. For instance, you could be a dinosaur exploring a primordial world only to jump to the next world and be an astronaut. The possibilities are as limitless as the human mind and you’ll find yourself completely immersed in this whole new virtual space.

Amazing features

The game comes with a wide range of features, but the social one seems to be most important. The fact that you can get in contact with such a wide network of people who share a passion with you is absolutely amazing. As a player, you have the possibility to meet new people, make new friends, learn new skills, and more.

Another great feature is the update system – the game is constantly improved and developers introduce new features, characters, options, and more every season. Everything is designed in such a way so users’ creativity won’t be hindered under any circumstances. It is a world where imagination runs free and where anyone can find a piece of virtual space.